Stanley 6-Ton Battery Crimper
Stanley 6-Ton Battery Crimper
  • Battery Powered- Reduced repetitive motion injuries
  • Balanced at Trigger- Reduced fatigue and one-hand operation
  • Advance and hold/retract and hold- Faster crimping after positioning
  • Swivel head: 180 degrees- Access difficult to reach crimps
  • Standard 14.4 volt- Reduced Battery inventory, same battery as other Stanley battery crimpers and cutters
  • Lightweight- Easy to use
  • Audible POP when crimp complete- Improve crimping speed
  • 2.6 Ah battery- More crimps per charge
  • For more information see catalog
Easier Torque Analyzer
Mountz PTT
  • Instant auto recognition with Mountz transducers
  • Tool testing, graphing capabilities and a graphical menu
  • System Accuracy +/- 0.5% of reading from 20% to 100% of full scale
  • System Accuracy +/- 1% of reading from 10% to 20% of full scale
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